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Success should know no boundaries. 

At Future of India Classes, Bhopal, we believe in creating possibilities, a possibility of a brighter and stronger future, an ocean of opportunities. To support the budding futures of tomorrow, FOI Coaching Classes offers various scholarship programs.





Each aspirant at the time of admission can enroll for the scholarship test at FOI Classes, Bhopal. The admission-cum-scholarship test is organised to check the scientific and mathematical aptitude and can help the aspirant secure a scholarship of up to 100 %.


Hard work pays off. FOI Coaching Classes recognizes the efforts of the CBSE and State Board Toppers of Classes 9, 10, 11 & 12 as well as students who have secured top scores and medals in NSO, IMO, and NTSE level competitive exams, and rewards them with 5% scholarship at the time of admission. Achievers in the field of sports (district, state, and national level) can also register for this scholarship at our institute.


To ensure that no aspirant lags because of a lack of financial resources. FOI Classes, Bhopal grants 10% scholarships to students with an aptitude for NEET and JEE; and nurtures every bright future in India. The program offers access to the institute's library at no extra cost.


These programs aim to support every aspirant who has dreamt of outshining in the field of science and technology. Our objective is to fuel an academic journey that has been held back because of a lack of finances. With the purpose of mentoring the scientific minds of India, FOI Classes, Bhopal promises to accelerate the academic journeys of every JEE and NEET aspirant towards the highest peak of achievement.


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Sandeep Patel

Computer Science

What sets this academy apart is its personalized approach to education. The small class sizes and individualized attention from instructors made a significant difference in my understanding of complex subjects. I felt seen and supported throughout my academic journey.


Shreya Nagar

CBSE :- 95.2%

Enrolling in Future of India Classes(FOI CLASSES)  was undeniably the best decision I made for my CBSE 12th exam preparation. The dedicated instructors and personalized guidance provided a solid foundation for my success. Their unwavering support, comprehensive study materials, and insightful teaching methodologies were instrumental in helping me achieve outstanding results. Thanks to Future of India Classes(FOI CLASSES), I not only excelled academically but also gained confidence and essential skills for my future endeavors. I highly recommend Future of India Classes(FOI CLASSES) to any student aiming for excellence in their academic pursuits. Thank you for being the driving force behind my success!



Enrolling in NEET coaching with FUTURE OF INDIA CLASSES was a game-changer for me. Their comprehensive approach, personalized attention, and insightful guidance helped me navigate the complexities of the exam with confidence. The rigorous practice sessions and strategic study plans were instrumental in my success. Thanks to their support, I not only achieved my dream score but also gained invaluable skills and knowledge for my medical journey ahead. Highly recommend FUTURE OF INDIA CLASSES for anyone aspiring to crack NEET!


"Learning for NEET with Future of India was really cool. They don't just teach like everyone else. They understand how each of us learns best and teaches us that way. It made studying fun instead of boring. Faculty of FOI always cheered us on and made us feel like we could do anything. Because of them, I did really well in NEET. They showed me I can be great at anything if I put my mind to it."


My NEET journey was pivotal in Future of India. Their pedagogical prowess, coupled with bespoke mentorship, rendered learning a gratifying ordeal. Through their tutelage, I conquered NEET with aplomb, fostering indomitable self-assurance. Profound gratitude endures.


Choosing Future of India for Neet was like finding a secret shortcut to success. Their teaching style was like a breath of fresh air—simple, yet incredibly effective. They didn't just throw information at us; they broke it down into bite-sized pieces that were easy to digest. What really stood out was how they made learning fun. With games, quizzes, and interactive sessions, studying didn't feel like a chore anymore. Teachers believed in us when we struggled and celebrated with us when we succeeded. Thanks to their innovative methods.
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